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Wholesale vending supplies for a wide range of coffee, snack and confectionery solutions

VP Vending Products of Canada carries over 2,800 wholesale vending products targeting the vending, office coffee, foodservice, concession, and hospitality industries. We carry a wide range of new innovative vending supplies on the market, industry best sellers, as well as also supporting local exclusive brands.

  • Come in and shop at our customer friendly warehouses
  • Delivery services available with minimum order amounts
  • Exclusive distributor of wide variety of vending products
  • Competitive low pricing
  • Excellent ‘Best Before’ dates on products

Cash and Carry Vending Supplies

Come in and shop wholesale at any of our five warehouses across Canada. With large push carts and easy spacious loading areas, our cash and carry is a one stop shop for all your product needs.

Wholsale Vending Supplies Delivery

We have fast and efficient delivery logistics available with minimum  order amounts across Canada. Inquire today about out delivery options and we will be happy to provide you with a quote to qualify for our minimum delivery.

Vending Supplies Order Bundling

Mix and match  products so that your orders are bundled and can reach delivery minimums. Whether you need coffee, snacks, chocolate bars, teas, and/or milkettes and creamers, we can bundle any types of products you want and your order will be delivered on a neatly wrapped skid.

Contact us to learn more about your options for accessing our services and our selection of products for your business!